Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jumping Forward

OK, so i'm jumping forward here, past the trip to Vegas to pick up the car, to a trip i recently did with my girlfriend, chloe.

She was visiting from england so I wanted to show her the sites of Arizona. So that'll be Sedona, the Grand Canyon and my flying school at Goodyear.
And of course, this was Sandy's chance to really show off.

I picked chloe up from Skyharbour and apart from Sandy hard starting when we left the airport, chloe was very impressed (Sandy always does this, she starts fine from cold, fine from hot, but not so good from tempid - what can i say she's fickle. I've spoken to numerous petrol heads about this and they're stumped. She's a mystery.)

Anyway, after a day of leaving chloe by the pool to aclimatise and allow me to fly to Tucson and Yuma (part of my commercial pilots licence requirement, Btw, the FAA/CAA don't specify those partcular places, that would be weird; you just have to do a certain number of miles), we headed north to the mountains.

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