Thursday, September 11, 2008

Goodyear, Arizona

After being in Phoenix for about six weeks, i've decided to write a blog about my time here. Living here is so different from Stoke Newington (N16 London for those who don't know it) that i felt compelled to write something. Hopefully it will be amusing and interesting.

Anyway, I shall not regurgitate the last six weeks in order to catch up but will pick out some milestones/ unusual / informative events thus far.

First thing to say is that i'm living in Goodyear which is on the south western tip of phoenix. It doesn't really feel like you're living in phoenix as the centre is about 30 miles away. In fact, it doesn't really feel like you're living in a town at all, as our appartments are in a gated complex with no pavement / walkway outside so you only enter/ leave it in a car. However it does have a nice pool.

Goodyear, like most of phoenix, is based on a grid system, which would be great for finding your way around if only every cross road didn't look identical with a similar selection of retail opportunities on them.

Apparently, the tyre company were based here at one time and built a lot of housing for its workers. So i'm presuming it is named after them, although nobody seems to be quite sure.

Goodyear airport where the school is based, is about a 6 miles away from the appartments. Its big. For those interested, it has an 8500 ft runway, and a lot of airlines store their jets here when business is bad. So thats now. In fact, because arizona has such a dry climate a lot of airlines store their aircraft in the state.This one below is an airfield near tucson used soley for storing aircraft.

Well, thats got the ball rolling. Hope this wasn't too boring. The zany weird side of america, (which, lets face it) is what we're all here to see, will follow....

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